Lesotho Security Chiefs Step Down Ahead of Polls

Updated: Thu 23 Oct, 04:38 pm

In an important step aimed at stabilising security ahead of early elections expected next February, two military commanders who have been vying for power and the country's most senior police officer … read more »

No End to Lesotho's Instability?

Updated: Wed 29 Oct, 05:21 am

A political and security crisis in Lesotho has eased since parties agreed to call early elections next February in a bid to secure a new government with a clear mandate. But one of the root causes of … read more »

Lesotho Princess Loses Chieftaincy Case

Updated: Fri 17 May, 04:36 am 2013

The Constitutional Court has ruled against a princess who sought to succeed her father as a chief despite recent advances in eliminating gender discrimination. read more »