Tanzania To Curb Population Growth

President Jakaya Kikwete has called on the nation to check population growth or risk a bleak economy in the coming days.
  • Tanzania:  Population Explosion Must Be Controlled

    Tanzania Daily News, 2 January 2013

    PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete said on Monday evening that Tanzania is headed for a bleak economic future if the current population growth rate is allowed to escalate unchecked. read more »

President Jakaya Kikwete calls on the nation to check population increase.

  • Tanzania:  Youths Enlightened On Family Planning

    Tanzania Daily News, 2 January 2013

    MOST maternal mortality cases in Zanzibar are a result of lack of safe family planning practices and deliveries fraught with danger, youths have been told. read more »

  • Tanzania:  Dar Records 135 Births On New Year's Eve

    Tanzania Daily News, 2 January 2013

    A TOTAL of 135 children were born on New Year's Eve at Amana, Temeke and Mwananyamala regional hospitals in Dar es Salaam. read more »

  • Tanzania:  National Population Hits 45 Million

    Tanzania Daily News, 1 January 2013

    PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete announced the 2012 Population and Housing Census preliminary results showed that the population has reached 44,929,002 in total. read more »

  • Tanzania:  Kikwete Announces Census Results On Monday

    Tanzania Daily News, 31 December 2012

    PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete is expected today to announce the preliminary results of the Population and Housing Census which was carried out in August, this year. read more »

  • Tanzania:  106 Babies Born On Christmas Day

    Tanzania Daily News, 27 December 2012

    A TOTAL of 106 children were born on Christmas Day in Amana, Mwananyamala and Temeke Hospitals in Dar es Salaam Region. read more »