Zimbabwe: 'Credit Sungura Pioneers for Macheso'

Updated: Tue 15 May, 08:38 am 2012

Prolific music critic Fred Zindi says nation should give credit to the groups like Khiama Boys and Chazezesa who pioneered the heart of country's most popular music and led to the discovery of legends … read more »

Ghanaian Drummer Who Pioneered Afro-Jazz

Updated: Fri 14 Mar, 06:42 am

The U.S. State Department takes a look at the life of extraordinary drummer and composer Guy Warren, also known as Kofi Ghanaba, who introduced the jazz world to traditional African percussion … read more »

Evolution Of Nigerian Music Industry

Updated: Mon 23 Sep, 07:59 am

The country's musical trends have evolved dramatically with artists blending Nigerian culture with foreign influences to create an international appeal without losing the local touch in their … read more »