World Condemns Killing of Somali Lawmaker

Updated: Thu 24 Jul, 09:27 am

The killing of parliamentary member, Saado Ali Warsame, has sparked widespread condemnation from around the world, including the United States and the United Nations. read more »

Al-Shabaab Vows Increase Somalia Attacks

Updated: Wed 16 Jul, 07:56 am

Al-Shabaab has lived up to its promise to step up attacks during the holy month of Ramadan with a series of bombings around the country, saying the government's security initiative has failed. read more »

Somali Refugees Appeal Kenyan Court Ruling

Updated: Thu 17 Jul, 03:06 am

Amnesty International together with other rights groups have moved to court to appeal a ruling by the High Court that saw 100,000 Somali refugees moved from urban areas to overcrowded camps. read more »