Somalia: Somaliland Sponsoring Al Shabaab?

Updated: Tue 25 Mar, 09:38 am

The President of Somalia's Northeastern State of Puntland has accused Somaliland's separatist administration of giving financial support to Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab. read more »

Al Shabaab Loses Strategic Somalian Town

Updated: Thu 27 Mar, 10:08 am

Somali government and African Union forces have seized the town of el-Bur in central Somalia, the latest in a series of advances against Al Shabaab militants. read more »

Charcoal Trade Threatens Kenyan Security

Updated: Fri 28 Mar, 07:09 am

Poachers squeezed by effective wildlife protection have turned to the regional illegal charcoal trade run by the militant group Al Shabaab to fund its terror-related activities, Kenyan police say. read more »