French Couple Guilty of 'Darfur Orphans' Hoax

A French couple has been found guilty of attempting to smuggle more than 100 children to the European country for adoption, under the pretext that they were orphans from Darfur.

Photo: Fred Noy

Children in Sudan (file photo).

  • Mali:   Couple Convicted of 'Darfur Orphans' Hoax

    Radio Dabanga, 12 February 2013

    Following a trial last December in Paris, a French couple was found guilty for attempting to smuggle 103 children in 2007 to France for adoption under the allegations they were… Read more »

  • Chad:   European Court Jails Child Smugglers

    RFI, 12 February 2013

    A Paris judge has given a two year prison sentence to the couple who ran an association called Arche de Zoé, for trying to smuggle African children into France, whom they… Read more »

  • Chad:   NGO Workers Face Child-Smuggling Charges

    RFI, 3 December 2012

    The trial of a group of French NGO members accused of trying to smuggle 103 children out of Chad for adoption on France began Monday. But the two principal defendants are not in… Read more »

  • Sudan:   French Aid Workers Trial Begins in Paris

    Radio Dabanga, 3 December 2012

    The trial of a French couple accused of trying to smuggle 103 children from Chad to France in 2007 began in Paris, on Monday, 3 December. The children were going to be adopted in… Read more »

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