Alleged Crime 'Cover-up' in Sudan's Darfur

Updated: Tue 12 Aug, 10:30 am

The head of Darfur peacekeeping mission, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, say a UN team is on its way to Darfur to investigate allegations of crimes against civilians and peacekeepers by Sudanese government. read more »

Sudan's Capital Paralyzed by Floods

Updated: Thu 31 Jul, 09:54 am

Torrential rains and ensuing floods have halted life in large parts of Khartoum. read more »

Sudan Opposition Leader Arrested

Updated: Tue 12 Aug, 08:53 am

Security forces have arrested a leading opposition member, Merriam Sadiq al-Mahd, on her return from paris where she poineered the creation of an alliance of the main rebel movements. read more »