South Africa Condemns Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Updated: Wed 21 Nov, 05:58 am 2012

The government has called for peace urging Israel not to invade the Gaza strip, while at the same time calling on Palestinian militants to immediately cease firing rockets into the Jewish state. read more »

African Migrants in Israel Face Return or Detention

Updated: Fri 28 Feb, 04:39 am

The Israeli government has increased its grant to Africans who accept to return to their countries 'voluntarily', however, the alternative to accepting such departure can be indefinite detention (file … read more »

Sinai Security an 'Internal' Issue - Egyptian Minister

Updated: Mon 24 Sep, 05:49 am 2012

Egypt's Foreign Minister, Mohamed Amr, asserted that the security of the Sinai Peninsula is an internal affair that is not open for international discussion. read more »