South Africa: Woolworths Under Fire

Updated: Wed 19 Nov, 08:21 am

When the Woolworths board meets, their discussions will be about much more than the usual things such as profits and sustainability. They will also be talking about a concerted campaign against the … read more »

Ethiopians Want Better Treatment in Saudi

Updated: Mon 11 Nov, 06:51 am 2013

Ethiopia's foreign ministry has summoned Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Addis Ababa demanding explanation over the killing and ill-treatment of Ethiopian citizens in that country. read more »

Who is to Blame for South African Hostage's Death?

Updated: Tue 9 Dec, 01:50 am

Pierre Korkie, a South African man was killed during a botched rescue attempt on a U.S. photojournalist Luke Somers by an American special forces team. The two were being held hostage by Al Qaida in … read more »