Tunisia Faces Budget Crisis

Updated: Thu 20 Mar, 08:47 am

Interim Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa, along with some members of his cabinet, has returned to the country following a five-day fund-solicitation trip to Gulf countries. read more »

African Migrants in Israel Face Return or Detention

Updated: Fri 28 Feb, 04:39 am

The Israeli government has increased its grant to Africans who accept to return to their countries 'voluntarily', however, the alternative to accepting such departure can be indefinite detention (file … read more »

Tough Times for Migrant Workers in the Gulf

Updated: Fri 14 Feb, 05:33 am

Gulf states' riches have been built on oil, credit and exploited migrant labour. Increasingly, these workers are African, writes Alistair Sloan for ThinkAfrica Press. read more »