Cote d'Ivoire to Resume Flights to Ebola-Hit Nations

Updated: Tue 30 Sep, 07:52 am

Ivorian President Alhassane Outtarra has authorized the resumption of flights between Cote d'Ivoire and Ebola-affected countries. read more »

Guinea Halts Ebola Outreach After Murder

Updated: Mon 22 Sep, 12:42 pm

Following the murder of a health team in the southeast of the country, the government has announced that it's stopping Ebola education activities in the area. read more »

Obama Commits 'Military Assets' for Ebola Health-Care Surge

Updated: Mon 8 Sep, 03:12 pm

The Ebola crisis in west Africa is " a national security priority" for the United States, President Obama said in an interview.Two months ago, the American president said, he told his national … read more »