Will More Trees Cause More Rain?

Updated: Mon 11 Feb, 02:13 pm 2013

A recent study has found that planting trees in areas where there have previously been no trees can reduce the effect of climate change by reducing temperatures and increasing rainfall. read more »

Liberia's Poor and the Rising Sea

Updated: Thu 26 Jun, 12:12 pm

Residents of densely-populated West Point and other coastal communities in Liberia are being made homeless by the encroaching sea which continues to wash away their shacks. read more »

Nigeria Floods Bring Crocodiles, Hippos Into Homes

Updated: Thu 4 Oct, 04:59 am 2012

Residents have been warned to evacuate their homes amid devastating floods in Nigeria as dangerous animals such as hippos, snakes and crocodiles are already invading homes in several communities. read more »