Africa Endorses Clean Energy Corridor

Updated: Wed 24 Sep, 02:45 pm

Nineteen African ministers have endorsed the Africa Clean Energy Corridor an initiative which could advance the development of renewable energy projects in East and Southern African Power Pool … read more »

Tanzania: Scores Affected By Flooding

Updated: Fri 23 Dec, 06:00 am 2011

Heavy rains have caused record flooding in Dar es Salaam, leading to some deaths and prompting a call by the president for better disaster management planning. read more »

Nigeria Floods Bring Crocodiles, Hippos Into Homes

Updated: Thu 4 Oct, 04:51 am 2012

Residents have been warned to evacuate their homes amid devastating floods in Nigeria as dangerous animals such as hippos, snakes and crocodiles are already invading homes in several communities. read more »