WATCH: Slowest Chase Ever After Mating Tortoises Interrupted

Updated: Mon 23 Mar, 06:14 am

Assumption Island, located in one of the most remote and uninhabited quarters of the vast Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands, is notable for a variety of reasons, but this week it received … read more »

Seychelles' New Fisheries Bill May Spark Boom

Updated: Mon 3 Nov, 08:21 am

The National Assembly has approved a new Fisheries Bill aimed at spearheading a new era of fisheries management with specific regulations for foreign vessels fishing in the country's waters. read more »

Seychelles: An Island at the End of the Earth

Updated: Mon 4 Mar, 07:53 am 2013

Although the country's tourism sector is still a major contributor to the economy, it has been surpassed by industrial fishing as its main source of foreign exchange earnings. read more »