Secret Monastery in Ethiopian Mountains

Updated: Wed 26 Feb, 04:26 am

Director of the Royal African Society Richard Dowden takes a look at the history of the secretive monastery of Debre Damo in Ethiopia. read more »

Which Airline is Nigeria's National Carrier?

Updated: Wed 23 Oct, 09:08 am

The naming of the country's national airline is shrouded in controversy as the Ministry of Aviation denies that an existing airline has been chosen, despite rumours that Aero Airlines has been awarded … read more »

Nigeria: Dispute With Air Authority, Maevis Grows

Updated: Fri 11 May, 12:14 am 2012

The federal aviation authority is embroiled in an on-going dispute with Maevis, a company holding a concessionary license that the Authority terminated at Lagos Airport. read more »