Obama Visit and China's Role in Africa

The role being played in Africa by both the United States and China is among the issues debated in assessments of President Barack Obama's visit to three African nations by AllAfrica's news partners.

  • Africa: Obama 'Finally' Comes to Africa

    ISS, 4 July 2013

    'China 1, US 0.' This is how the United States (US) news website Globalpost titled its comment on US President Barack Obama's long-awaited trip to Africa. read more »

  • Africa: Washington, Beijing and the BRICS Nations

    Fahamu, 4 July 2013

    Beneath Obama's beguiling smile and rhetoric the exploitation of the African continent by the US continues. With both Obama and Zuma on the back foot in terms of their ... read more »

  • Africa: Obama Visits Africa - U.S. Can Do Better

    allAfrica, 4 July 2013

    President Barack Obama was correct when he told business leaders in Tanzania this week that togther the United States and Africa have "an enormous opportunity to unleash the next ... read more »

  • Africa: Obama Visits Africa - an End to Paternalism

    allAfrica, 4 July 2013

    President Barack Obama has made a profound and impactful visit to Africa. read more »

  • Africa: Obama's Second Africa Visit

    Daily Trust, 4 July 2013

    In the final leg of his weeklong three-country visit to Africa, U.S. President Barack Obama received the most ecstatic welcome of his visit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Monday ... read more »

  • Africa: Obama Calls Africa's Bluff

    SACSIS, 3 July 2013

    When the UK announced it would end aid to South Africa, many pundits and African leaders heralded the decision as an end to Africa's dependency on aid. These African leaders and ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa: Obama's 'Fascinating' Silence on Rwanda, Uganda

    Friends of the Congo, 4 July 2013

    President Barack Obama concluded his trip to Africa on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. After visiting Senegal and South Africa, President Obama's last stop on his African tour was in ... read more »

President Obama headed back to the U.S. with a refueling stop back in Senegal.